About Asan

"Assam Students' Association of NERIST (ASAN) is a socio-cultural organization that is formed among the NERIST students who hail from Assam or is having an Assamese background. We work for the interest of our students and student community in general and have no political affiliations. Our main motto is to promote unity and fraternity among ourselves, to nurture excellence and to safeguard our interests and that of our cultures."

Aims And Objectives

(a) To bring about a spirit of oneness among the members of ASAN and faster mutual respect among individuals and communities.

(b) To protect the rights of its members and articulate the needs and grievances to the proper authority.

(c) To work harmoniously with other sister organizations and the various functionaries of NERIST and to participate in students' activities.

(d) To promote and nourish the academic atmosphere and the pursuit of excellence in various fields.

(e) To promote various cultures of Assam by observing and organizing the cultural festivals of Assam like Rongali Bihu etc.

(f) To learn and strive hard to be an honest and useful citizen of India.