When all the students of Assam Students' Association of NERIST in all their like mindedness and passionate fervor join hands to produce a cultural festival worthy of the entire Arunachal Pradesh, the result is "LUIT

Luit - the very word that symbolizes the magnanimous and multifaceted extravaganza associated with Rongali Bihu is an event which fills the heart of every youth and other people with a bottomless abyss of expectation, and the fun filled with sang, dance, quiz, fine arts, etc. is the most eagerly awaited pened by people all around. On account of being the biggest and the most spectacular cultural festival of Arunachal Pradesh, it provides a niche for the people of different communities to showcase their talents through a host of events which has become synonymous with this ultimate showdown.

Created in 1987 with a vision to culture creativity and provide platform to the people of different communities to showcase their culture, the Assam Students' Association of NERIST (ASAN) is completing a long journey of 26 glorious years of its presence and so we have planned to pay back in style. The arena will be an open air stage in the NERIST playground. The night of LUIT host the most eye catching events for which every year more than thousands of people gather from all around. This year the main attractions of the event are an Instrumental Band, one of the famous Musical Icon of Assam, a number of Bihu troops from Assam and Arunachal Pradesh and traditional fashion show enlightening the rich tradition of the north east. The list goes on and on with a cascade of other sparkling events. The Instrumental band and the Musical Icon of Assam is the ultimate crowd puller which beckons all the people to step into their dancing shoes and dance away to the beat of the tunes regardless of the time.